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NLG opposes NDAA and Indefinite Detention

by Facilitate Global

NLG opposes NDAA and Indefinite Detention The National Lawyers Guild With the so-called “War on Terror” continuing for over a decade, President Barack Obama is about to sign the National Defense Authorization Act (NDAA) into law. The NDAA permits the indefinite detention of anyone, including citizens of the United States, who “was part of or […]

Close the Guantánamo Gulag

by Facilitate Global

 Close the Guantánamo Gulag Marjorie Cohn Travelers to Cuba and music lovers are familiar with the song “Guantanamera” – literally, the girl from Guantánamo. With lyrics by José Martí, the father of Cuban independence, Guantanamera is probably the most widely known Cuban song. But Guantánamo is even more famous now for its US military prison. […]