Facilitate Global is pleased to be availing a variety of good quality second-hand books please see below for a more comprehensive list detailing description and costs. All funds raised are used to help sustain our vital work.

For a list of prices and to buy a book or books please email info@facilitateglobal.org. Cheques are to be made payable to Facilitate Global. Our postal address can be emailed to you. Alternatively if you wish to make a direct bank transfer, our bank details will be emailed to you to help with making the payment.

If you live in London books can be picked up in person (which will reduce postage and packing costs. Prices will normally not include P&P)

[more books will continue to be added, work in progress]

Payment methods: You can use our online ‘Donate‘ button to effect payment via our Paypal facility to settle purchase of item(s) . Simply enter the title of the fine art limited edition, state which format and quantities of prints you wish to purchase, when making your payment.

– Nicholas Wood:  ‘The case against Blair, war crimes or just war? The Iraq war 2003-2005’ (2005)

– J. B. Lyons:  ‘James Joyce and Medicine’ (1973), cost £5Sabah Al Khemir, ‘From Cordoba to Samarquand’ (2006)

–  C.S Lewis:  ‘The allegory of Love’ (1946)

– Mona Wilson: The Life of William Blake’ (1948)

– J. Bronowski: ‘William Blake’ (1965)

– Heinemann Poetry Bookshelf: ‘Shakespeare’s Sonnets’ (1995)

– John Ingram: ‘Marlowe & His Poetry’  and Mrs F. S. Boas ‘Rossetti and His Poetry’

– Speeches That Changed The World (2005)

– Adam Thorpe: ‘Between each Breath’ (2007)



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