Mission Statement

Working painstakingly to herald a peaceable and peaceful world deeply steeped in and governed by ethics, where the purposeful logic of compassion, sharing and goodwill to all are the fundamental normative drivers,  where all are equal, where all are free from the shackles of fear and want


To Promote And Protect Human Rights Law And International Humanitarian Law

To Foster Dialogue Through Friendship And The Promotion Of The Establishment Of A Culture Of Peace, Good Will and Good Governance

To Protect And Value Human Capital

To Pave  The Way Towards Co-Living Driven By Respect, Dignity And Self Dependency

To Serve Humanity On The Basis Of Our Shared Common Humanity Founded On Our Irrevocable Mutual Duty Of Care

To Work Compassionately Towards Peace And Reconciliation With Justice

To Protect Freedom For All


Facilitate Global works to help herald a better tomorrow today for all by furthering and fully supporting the upholding of the fundamental principles underpinning the UN Charter.


  1. To work cooperatively with, link and support groups and individuals working pro-actively in the field of human rights, conflict prevention, conflict resolution, conflict transformation and peacebuilding
  2. To identify and share best practices to help facilitate individuals and communities
  3. To celebrate diversity
  4. To promote and create social and economic empowerment opportunities
  5. To foster economic and environmental sustainability
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