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Reality in Occupied Palestine

by Facilitate Global

Reality in Occupied Palestine Stephen Lendman Gaza’s attacked regularly. Dozens of West Bank incursions occur weekly. Police state harshness and arrests follow. In the week ending April 5, one Palestinian was killed and dozens injured, including 18 children. They were nonviolently commemorating Land Day. Many others, including an international human rights defender, were wounded during […]

OPT: Boosting protection and tackling food insecurity

by Facilitate Global

OPT: Boosting protection and tackling food insecurity IRIN The humanitarian community’s 2012-2013 Consolidated Appeals Process (CAP) for the occupied Palestinian territory (oPt) has a narrower scope than in previous years, focusing on two strategic objectives: improving the protective environment, including access to essential services like health care and education, and tackling food insecurity especially in […]

Israeli Soldiers Leak Classified Info

by Facilitate Global

Israeli Soldiers Leak Classified Info The Israeli Army has been grappling with a series of massive leaks of classified information by its own soldiers through online services, a report says. Israeli Army secrets are beaming around the world, mostly from the inside, Russia Today reported. The report added that with just one click, everything that […]