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How to Leave Guantánamo: Via a Plea Deal, or In A Coffin

by Facilitate Global

How to Leave Guantánamo: By Means of a Plea Deal or In A Coffin Andy Worthington Guantánamo briefly emerged from the shadows on Wednesday, February 29, when Majid Khan, a Pakistani national described as one of 14 “high-value detainees” when he arrived at Guantánamo in September 2006, after three and a half years in secret CIA […]

The CIA’s secret history of psychological torture

by Facilitate Global

The CIA’s secret history of psychological torture Throughout the Cold War, the agency outsourced abuse to other nations. Will Obama put us back on this path? Alfred W. McCoy If, like me, you’ve been following America’s torture policies not just for the last few years but for decades, you can’t help but experience that eerie […]