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The American Manifest Destiny

by Facilitate Global

The American Manifest Destiny Clive Hambidge Killing from afar Americans and their European poodles coiffeured red white and blue in American power salons  are unlawfully targeting, and killing from afar, suspected militants  innocent bystanders, and helpers, labelled “collateral damage,” whilst avoiding more politically toxic body bags containing  returning American “heroes” to military bases and more […]

Deportation and Forcible Transfers under International Law

by Facilitate Global

Deportation and Forcible Transfers under International Law Basheer AlZoughbi Deportation, refugees, internally displaced persons and forcible transfers are all key, legal, international terms that the majority of the Palestinian people have been subjected to over time that is to say before, during, and after the establishment of Israel. Although Palestinian refugees have been caused to […]

Six Common Misconceptions About Gaza That Are So 2011

by Facilitate Global

In sixth place: “The civilian closure has been lifted and only security restrictions remain”. Gaza is not as isolated from the rest of the world as it was a few years ago, but it is still cut off from the West Bank and it’s hard to find convincing security reasons why. For example, Israel prohibits […]