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Balfour An Apology?

by Facilitate Global

Balfour An Apology? Committee Room 2a House of Lords  Clive Hambidge The Balfour narrative, biblically driven, was a prejudicial sweep of historical Palestine under an imperialist Zionist carpet underlying the 1922 League of Nations Mandate of the Balfour/Lloyd George deceit. The meta-physics of this ‘sociological’ religiosity seeks (indeed remains in) and re-turns to history, and, […]

Where to now: Iraq today?

by Facilitate Global

Where to now: Iraq Today? Clive Hambidge & Soraya Boyd “I thought Nick Clegg’s reaction was very disappointing. His reaction should not be of ‘openness’ to a judicial enquiry. He should be actively pushing for a judicial enquiry. The Government came to power four years ago. He’s had ample opportunity to uncover, as Deputy Prime […]


by Facilitate Global

BRICS MEMORANDUM ON PALESTINE MEMORANDUM: APPEAL TO BRICS TO UPHOLD INTERNATIONAL LAW AND HUMAN RIGHTS OF THE PALESTINIAN PEOPLE UNDER ISRAELI OPPRESSION – Submitted by South African civil society and political organizations to the 5th BRICS Summit – Submitted by Buti Manamela to Marius Fransman – 26 March, Durban (South Africa) – Find online: […]

Is the invasion in Libya legitimate or an intrusion?

by Facilitate Global

Is the invasion in Libya legitimate or an intrusion? Lilian Nyamwaro Libya is no stranger to invasion and sanctions from the international community. Since the early 80’s, there has been an expression of dissent to the Gadaffi regime. Having gained independence in 1953 and nationalised the Libyan oil, the Gaddafi regime has been under the […]