The belligerent occupier

Soraya Boyd


With breathtaking magnitude, resolute in forefending responsibility for war crimes and crimes against humanity

A darkly glib inhabits the psychic scape of a ruinously polished occupier seeking pseudo security


Justifying the indefensible to effect incessant brutal dispossession and perpetrate vile murder

Cruelly inflicting untold pain, immeasurable loss, unquantifiable grief no mortal being should suffer


It cries out never again to assuage compounded guilt authorising unwavering terror

An unremittingly practice transformed into a relentless emblem of dishonour


Unaccountably stockpiled in all manner of bio-chemically enhanced weaponised armoury

Imprinted echoes reverberating through infinity bear witness to a protracted legacy of sheer dread and unspeakable savagery


Which upstanding leading minds, delving deep in conscience, will take courage, instigate international legal proceedings for a concerted indictment?

To stop in its tracks and prosecute a homicidal occupier for such interminably inhuman and barbaric treatment


Flyers flung out from the sky, where can a besieged, brutalised, bombed out, terrorised people scatter?

Where in an imprisoned ever reduced space shall a defenceless people seek shelter?


When relentless pogroms and oppressive persecutions reigned supreme

The milk of human kindness flowing in the form of succour, sanctuary, refuge is but a faded dream


The once aggressed turned vile aggressor, unleashing unbounded horror

To oblivion relegate the beneficent memory of its foremost and sole protector


When will so-called leaders, little men of assumed power, stop pandering to the belligerent murderous occupier?

Towering above them all, an immutable rule of law prevails for the striving for freedom, truth and justice will never tire


Soraya Boyd is Founder and CEO of Facilitate Global. She can be contacted at


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