Peace of the Wicked

Poetry by Mamoon Alabbasi

A poem observing the suffering in Gaza.

(LONDON) – Though they continue to strike
With a sick style of apartheid
All is excused in the name of security

As world powers turn a blind eye
And petty politicians recycle lies
Murder is justified with a sense of superiority

Welcome to the peace of the wicked

Though peace was at their door
They itch to wage yet another war
Feeling like pre-battle Goliath, they do not worry

They want their enemies to lay arms
May be even take them into their arms
As they starve them beyond the limits of humanity

That’s the peace of the wicked

Though their allies rally to their aid
They warn within minutes they could fade
Claiming to be the region’s only democracy

They hit below the belt and cry foul
They dress like sheep and yet howl
There is just no end to their hypocrisy

Expect more peace from the wicked

Source:  Mamoon Alabbasi is an Iraqi news editor and translator based in London who writes compelling articles from a unique perspective. His Op-eds, reports, and reviews have appeared in a number of media outlets and we are very pleased to carry his work at

Mamoon has a Masters degree in applied linguistics. The many interesting highlights of his career include spending 13 years in Tunisia (11 of which he worked as a teacher of English, among other jobs). He has also published a number of poems online. Salem-News believes in utilizing the work of poets; this is an outstanding way to present news and current information, and always a great tool of expression regardless of the subject. You can send Mamoon an email at this address:

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