Dear Friends,

“What reason have atheists for saying that we cannot rise again?

Which is the more difficult to be born or to rise again?

Is it more difficult to come into being than return to it?”

Blaise Pascal, a French Mathematician, Physicist, Inventor, Writer and Catholic Philosopher.

“Back from the Dead” was the title of an article by Emily Allen published three months following Japan’s massive magnitude 9.0 earthquake which triggered the tsunami of March 11th 2011. The absence of life was the only remaining sound.

 Friends, let us face it: whether young or old, whether it is a tsunami or a heart-attack, it is that fragment of a second, mostly attacking unpredictably, harshly unplugging us from the energy of life, which scares us most.   The only certain, inescapable, inevitable event in the journey of life.

 Where to?  Concealed in an impenetrable mystery, the ends of things and their beginnings remain enigmatic.  Invaded with an inflaming armor of hope, the light of truth shines upon the darkness of the unknown, and the unknown cannot overcome it!

 The evils which may befall us during our limited life are varied and numerous.  Remaining unmoved, whether emotionally or rationally, is a synonym to our spiritual death.  Certainly, we are not just a clump of carbon-based biomass that will eventually be decomposed! At a specific juncture, all various views of God and the resurrection, whether belief of disbelief, become reality.  The choice is indeed yours and mine.

 Nevertheless, there will be a certain tick when the clock stops. Death will soon appear unmasked.

Every second counts.  Never take life for granted.  Never give up your ability to feel.    If you need to ask for forgiveness, express your love, feed a hungry orphan, embrace a refugee, or help save a life – Do It Now.  Destroy every particle of possible regret.  Leave no room for selfishness.  Expose yourself to your deepest fear.  Tear apart all imprisoning chains.  Spread your freedom wings.  Fly like an eagle.

 Take a deep breath.  Sink deep in your emotions.  Nothing but your humanity counts. Live eternally in other people’s lives.  Be Christ-like and accept to be betrayed.  Be Christ-like and accept to be denied.  Be Christ-like and accept to be crucified.  Be Christ-like and be triumphant.  Be Christ-like and be resurrected.

Back from the dead, the little Marguerites of Japan stood face to face, defeating death with life, victoriously resurrecting blossoms of such beautiful glory.

Christ is risen.  Christ is risen indeed.  Victory to truth, to justice, to freedom, to peace and to life.  Halleluiah.

 +Bishop Riah


Easter 2012

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