Integratsia School

Facilitate Global has started the process of raising funds for Integratsia. This will be a school centre with an equal number of Jews, Christians and Muslims, both as pupils and on the Board of Governors.  This will offer more than just education. Starting with children aged from three years old, many of the differences that have become a schism by university age could, through such an institution, be resolved at such an early age.

His Grace Bishop Riah shares: “the vision of a school, or an educational centre that will help normalize relations and dispel the myth of the past, continues to live and challenge me. Should it succeed to see the light, it will in my opinion and the opinion of others become the school of the future … and in no time it will mushroom in a land we call Holy”. By learning and playing together, these children and the community around them, will overcome the fear of the ‘other’. Integratsia will be a positive example hope in this troubled region.

His Grace’s vision matches Facilitate Global’s concept of *co-living* and creating a new awareness of the future, based on *respect* and *dignity*. We are striving to raise considerable funds for such timely and evolving project.

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