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Israeli Tree Campaign “Judaizes” Expropriated Land

by Facilitate Global

Israeli Tree Campaign “Judaizes” Expropriated Land Jewish National Fund’s practice of selling and leasing land exclusively to Jewish owners is met with growing opposition Precis The Jewish National Fund (JNF), that ownes 13% of Israeli lands forbids the sale or lease of its lands to any but Jewish owners. Many are now joining a global […]

Systematic West Bank Settler Violence

by soraya

Systematic West Bank Settler Violence  Stephen Lendman B’Tselem’s been on the story for years.  Settler violence is longstanding, troubling, and largely without accountability. Since September 2000 alone (the beginning of the second Intifada), the toll includes 50 Palestinians killed.  Since December 1987  (the first Intifada’s onset),  it’s 115, besides many more injured, including children. With few exceptions, settlers initiate […]