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Truth about Syria: Crazy Men in Grey Suits

by Facilitate Global

Truth about Syria: Crazy Men in Grey Suits The west is on the hunt for another war in the Middle East. Jeremy Salt January 13, 2012 “Information Clearing House” — –  In his speech to university students this week, Bashar al Assad spoke of a conspiracy against Syria. Use another word if you like, but […]

Bahrain’s revolutionaries

by Facilitate Global

Bahrain’s revolutionaries Toby C. Jones, Ala’a Shehabi Bahrain’s February 14th movement has become a symbol of resistance and fortitude…and the most powerful political force in Bahrain today. This confederation of loosely organized networks, named after the date of the beginning of Bahrain’s revolution, is faceless, secretive, and anonymous. Its tens of thousands of supporters have […]

Health Care in the Gaza Strip

by Facilitate Global

Health Care in the Gaza Strip Mr S A Khan and Mrs A Drakou Arriving in the Gaza Strip, early March 2009 as part of a surgical trauma unit (Mobile International Surgical Teams, MiST Foundation) was a tremendous relief. We had spent a nervous week in Al Arish in Egypt, unsure whether our team would […]