Culture and Primary Health Care Under Military Occupation

Dr Ang Swee Chai, Eyewitness to the Sabra-Shatilla refugee camp …


 The P21 Gallery and Facilitate Global invite to



Ang Swee Chai and Colin Green  in  conversation with Soraya Boyd


Professor Colin Green

Thursday 19th March 2015,  from 7 to 9pm
An evening in the company of Dr Ang Swee Chai and Professor
Colin Green. Our esteemed speakers will talk about their
respective discovery and experience of the richness, vibrancy and
dynamism permeating all areas of Palestinian life and culture
whilst campaigning tirelessly, volunteering their vital skills to
save the lives of many Palestinians, working dedicatedly in a
variety of operating theatres in very difficult circumstances
from Beirut to Gaza as well as teaching. Our prominent and
celebrated surgeons will take us on a profoundly transformative
and poignant journey of activism and awareness-raising in which
they will share their first-hand experience on the Israel Palestine
conflict, its impact on the Middle East and its wider relationship
to a global military matrix of control.


There are no admission charges. Attendance strictly conditional
on prior booking and confirmaton due to places being limited.


Registration: 6 to 6.30pm


To book your place and for more  information please email:



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