In Memory Of A People With A Land

Soraya Boyd


A wailing poignancy tearing at the very heart of a much troubled core

Drenched in a blood soaked landscape incessantly scarred by murderous lore

Powerfully bearing witness to insatiably violent gratuitous gore

No-where to escape from the invasive putrid sore

No-thing but wrought brutality and slaughter oozing from every pore



The weighted thundering silent haste of marching troops

Trampling savage echoes of sordid homicidal boots

Oblivious to the maddening wanton trail let fly indiscriminate shoots

Confining the grief-stricken captive air in deathly coops

Whilst uprooted ancient olive trees deeply weep for their severed roots



High up above skies infinite presaging coloured azure tones

Speedily bring forth unrelenting buzzing of deadly drones

From the depth of dread incomprehensible an innocent affrighted babe soundlessly groans

While the sanguined entrails of the land itself emit heart wrenching moans

A bereft generational repository mournfully binds together blood, tears and broken bones



Soraya Boyd is Founder and CEO of Facilitate Global. She can be contacted at

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