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The Mystery of Arafat’s Death

by Facilitate Global

The Mystery of Arafat’s Death Ray McGovern Exclusive: In 2004, when Palestinian leader Yasser Arafat suddenly fell ill and died, suspicions swirled that he might have been poisoned, but no autopsy was performed. Now, nearly eight years later, his death is getting new scrutiny, though ex-CIA analyst Ray McGovern doubts a complete answer will ever […]

Afghan solutions for Afghan women

by Facilitate Global

Afghan solutions for Afghan women Lael A. Mohib Audiences around the world were horrified to see the image of Bibi Aisha, a young Afghan girl whose nose had been cut off by her husband and his family, on the cover of an August 2010 issue of TIME Magazine. Western media outlets largely attributed Aisha’s case […]

Monopoly Media Manipulation

by Facilitate Global

Monopoly Media Manipulation Michael Parenti In a capitalist “democracy” like the United States, the corporate news media faithfully reflect the dominant class ideology both in their reportage and commentary. At the same time, these media leave the impression that they are free and independent, capable of balanced coverage and objective commentary. How they achieve these […]