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US Congress passes authoritarian anti-protest law

by Facilitate Global

US Congress passes authoritarian anti-protest law Tom Carter A bill passed Monday in the US Congress and Thursday in the Senate would make it a felony—a serious criminal offense punishable by lengthy terms of incarceration—to participate in many forms of protest associated with the Occupy Wall Street protests of last year. Several commentators have dubbed […]

Targeting AIPAC

by Facilitate Global

Targeting AIPAC Stephen Lendman On January 23, Occupy AIPAC announced plans to confront the powerful Israeli Lobby in Washington from March 2 – 6. More on what’s planned below. Since last September, OWS inspired affiliate groups. Among others they include Occupy Together, Occupy Everything, Occupy Arrests, Occupy Police, Occupy Marines, Occupy Veterans, Occupy Writers, Occupy […]

Kyrgyz prisoners end self-mutilation protest

by Facilitate Global

Kyrgyz prisoners end self-mutilation protest Agencies Thousands of Kyrgyz prisoners have ended a 10-day hunger strike against jail conditions that saw nearly 1,200 inmates sew up their lips or mutilate themselves in protest, according to an official. “All the prisoners in Kyrgyzstan have ceased their hunger strike,” Kubanychbek Kenenbayev, the deputy head of the prisons […]

The People vs The United States

by Facilitate Global

The People vs The United States Archie Kennedy The United Nations is empowered, under Article 1 of its Charter, to: “maintain international peace and security”, to “develop friendly relations among nations”, “to achieve international co-operation”, and “to be a centre for harmonizing the actions of nations in the attainment of these common ends.” Article 2 […]

Truthdigger of the Week: Chris Hedges

by Facilitate Global

Truthdigger of the Week: Chris Hedges Late last year, President Obama pulled a fast one by changing his stance on the National Defense Authorization Act so suddenly and drastically that Americans were left with a bad case of legislative whiplash—and a very serious state of affairs with regard to our civil liberties. Obama’s stunning switch […]

CCR Holds Press Briefing

by Facilitate Global

CCR Holds Press Briefing; Large Coalition Stages Rally in Front of White House Leading to Supreme Court; Men at Guantánamo Plan Peaceful Protests January 11, 2012, Washington, DC – Today, on the tenth anniversary of the arrival of the first detained men at the U.S. prison in Guantánamo Bay, Cuba, the Center for Constitutional Rights […]