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BRICS MEMORANDUM ON PALESTINE MEMORANDUM: APPEAL TO BRICS TO UPHOLD INTERNATIONAL LAW AND HUMAN RIGHTS OF THE PALESTINIAN PEOPLE UNDER ISRAELI OPPRESSION – Submitted by South African civil society and political organizations to the 5th BRICS Summit – Submitted by Buti Manamela to Marius Fransman – 26 March, Durban (South Africa) – Find online: […]

Human Rights Watch Human Rights Watch 2012

by Facilitate Global

Human Rights Watch Human Rights Watch 2012 This 22nd annual Human Rights Watch summarizes human rights conditions in more than 90 countries and territories worldwide in 2011. It reflects extensive investigative work that Human Rights Watch staff has undertaken during the year, often in close partnership with domestic human rights activists. The introductory essay examines the […]

US: Number of Aging Prisoners Soaring

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US: Number of Aging Prisoners Soaring Corrections Officials Ill-Prepared to Run Geriatric Facilities (New York) – Aging men and women are the most rapidly growing group in US prisons, and prison officials are hard-pressed to provide them appropriate housing and medical care, Human Rights Watch said in a report released today. Because of their higher […]

Torture and Abuse in Libya

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Torture and Abuse in Libya Stephen Lendman NATO’s alleged “responsibility to protect” was subterfuge. Months of terror bombings left Libya a charnel house. Africa’s most developed country was ravaged. Tens of thousands were killed, multiples more injured, and millions left on their own sink or swim. When is war not war? It’s when mass killing […]

News: Gibson (Detainee) Inquiry scrapped

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News: Gibson (Detainee) Inquiry scrapped London Guantánamo Campaign The inquiry into over a dozen allegations of British intelligence forces’ complicity in torture abroad, announced by the government in July 2010 (and whose guidelines were published in September 2011), is due to be scrapped pending criminal investigations into British collusion in the “rendition” of two Libyan […]

Gaza: Remembering Cast Lead

by soraya

Gaza: Remembering Cast Lead Stephen Lendman December 27 marks the third anniversary of Israel’s lawless war on Gaza. Without provocation, three weeks of terror bombing and invasion devastated the Strip. Missiles, bombs, shells, and illegal weapons were used against defenseless people. Mass slaughter and destruction followed. Brazen crimes of war and against humanity were committed. […]