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Monopoly Media Manipulation

by FG

Monopoly Media Manipulation Michael Parenti In a capitalist “democracy” like the United States, the corporate news media faithfully reflect the dominant class ideology both in their reportage and commentary. At the same time, these media leave the impression that they are free and independent, capable of balanced coverage and objective commentary. How they achieve these […]

Libyan Violence and Instability

by FG

Libyan Violence and Instability Stephen Lendman NATO’s killing machine ravaged a nonbelligerent country posing no threat. Tyranny replaced Jamahiriya government. Violence followed stability. On January 3, Middle East Online contributor Jay Deshnukh headlined, “Ex-rebels’  war for money, power: Fierce clashes erupt in Tripoli,” saying: In central Tripoli, fighting claimed two lives as “former rebels from […]

Is Unilateral Humanitarian Intervention lawful?

by FG

Is Unilateral Humanitarian Intervention lawful? Lilian Nyamwaro The lawfulness of Unilateral Intervention has long been a subject of international debate. Some scholars have argued that it’s an emerging norm under customary international law while some have argued that it lacks a clear legal framework therefore it does not accord with customary international law. For the […]

Palestinian Statehood: Now’s the Time

by FG

Palestinian Statehood: Now’s the Time Stephen Lendman Palestinians worldwide want it. So do supporters and up to 140 countries. They comprise more than enough to ensure it and full de jure UN membership. The Palestinian Authority (PA) can petition the General Assembly directly. It has sole admittance power, not the Security Council only able to […]

The Difference in Education

by FG

The Difference in Education Dr Faysal Mikdadi It is always interesting to note how different cultures view education in different ways. It is also alarming to see that what is good in one culture is a definite ‘no no’ in another. In Britain, we like to think that we teach our students how to be […]