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Libyan Violence and Instability

by Facilitate Global

Libyan Violence and Instability Stephen Lendman NATO’s killing machine ravaged a nonbelligerent country posing no threat. Tyranny replaced Jamahiriya government. Violence followed stability. On January 3, Middle East Online contributor Jay Deshnukh headlined, “Ex-rebels’  war for money, power: Fierce clashes erupt in Tripoli,” saying: In central Tripoli, fighting claimed two lives as “former rebels from […]

The Drone That Fell From the Sky

by Facilitate Global

The Drone That Fell From the Sky What a Busted Robot Airplane Tells Us About the American Empire in 2012 and Beyond Nick Nurse The drone had been in the air for close to five hours before its mission crew realized that something was wrong.  The oil temperature in the plane’s turbocharger, they noticed, had […]

Gaza: Remembering Cast Lead

by soraya

Gaza: Remembering Cast Lead Stephen Lendman December 27 marks the third anniversary of Israel’s lawless war on Gaza. Without provocation, three weeks of terror bombing and invasion devastated the Strip. Missiles, bombs, shells, and illegal weapons were used against defenseless people. Mass slaughter and destruction followed. Brazen crimes of war and against humanity were committed. […]

O Captain My Captain

by soraya

America’s Aid for Israel’s Political ‘Continuum’ A military conquest Clive Hambidge “… We shall use the ultimate force until the Palestinians come crawling to us on all fours … When we have settled the land, all the Arabs will be able to do will be to scurry round like drugged roaches in a bottle.” (Rafeal […]

Silence is Complicity in Assassinating Humanity

by Facilitate Global

Silence is Complicity in Assassinating Humanity Dr Rachael Rudolph Human rights bodies have consistently warned states that their actions must conform to and operate within the boundaries of existing international legal frameworks and obligations, especially concerning the use of torture, summary executions and other acts that violate human rights norms. [1]Despite the warning, the international […]

Is the invasion in Libya legitimate or an intrusion?

by Facilitate Global

Is the invasion in Libya legitimate or an intrusion? Lilian Nyamwaro Libya is no stranger to invasion and sanctions from the international community. Since the early 80’s, there has been an expression of dissent to the Gadaffi regime. Having gained independence in 1953 and nationalised the Libyan oil, the Gaddafi regime has been under the […]