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Asylum seekers singled out in London

by Facilitate Global

Asylum seekers singled out in London Media reports in the UK say the houses of asylum seekers in the north-east of England are singled out by their red doors [read more here] This interview was first published on Press TV on 20th January  2016    

Europe’s Own Human Rights Crisis

by Facilitate Global

Europe’s Own Human Rights Crisis Benjamin Ward To many friends of human rights in Europe, the Arab Spring has been the most thrilling period since the fall of the Berlin Wall. Judging from their soaring rhetoric about yearning for freedom among Arab peoples, European Union leaders share that enthusiasm. Today there is an opportunity, the […]

Israel’s Draconian Infiltration Law

by Facilitate Global

Israel’s Draconian Infiltration Law Stephen Lendman On January 10, Haaretz writer Jonathan Lis headlined, “Knesset passes (Law to Prevent Infiltration) that could put asylum seekers in jail without trial,” saying: “The bill would make ‘illegal’ migrants and asylum seekers liable to jail, without trial or deportation, if caught staying in Israel for ‘long periods.’ ” […]