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Clive Hambidge and Soraya Boyd

Palestine. Just to think of Palestine is evocative. From the lush orange orchards to the laden olive groves, many examples could be provided to confirm the fact that prior to the creation of Israel,  Palestinian society thrived in all areas of human endeavour.  The splendour of… Continue reading


The Israeli Connection

Clive Hambidge and Soraya Boyd

Supremacists in arms
When one thinks of Israel today, one immediately thinks of a chain of inseparable  words:  impunity, immunity and deception; a bleak tableau which gives rise to an acrid blue sky laden with ideological chemtrails. No matter the attempt to quiet a synaptic… Continue reading


Integrated Education in Northern Ireland

 Faysal Mikdadi

“Integrated Education is about mutual and common acceptance, especially the acceptance of trying new ideas for the benefit of the central purpose of education: the individual child.”

Cliodhna Scott-Wills: Development Officer for Northern Ireland Council for Integrated Education (NICIE)

“WHEREAS Member States have pledged… Continue reading


‘Personal Journeys: The Global Impact of Israel’s Dissenting Voices’

Notes taken by Susan Walpole – Facilitate Global Fundraising Dinner, London, 10 April 2013

These notes are of two brief talks by Miko Peled and Ilan Pappe, followed by a Question and Answer (Q & A) session. Views expressed are… Continue reading


The Twinning

Clive Hambidge

Palestinian Children in Israeli military detention


Here in South Tottenham (London), attending a Twinning Conference organised excellently and robustly by Haringey Justice for Palestinians[1], a creative branch of the Palestine Solidarity Campaign, I am just recovering from the… Continue reading


Abbas Submits Weak UN Status Bid

Stephen Lendman

Palestine deserves full UN membership. It’s entitled to all rights and privileges afforded other Member States. Getting them is simple. It should have  happened years ago.

Palestine satisfies all essential criteria. On November 15, 1988, it achieved statehood.

Previous articles explained. Security Council… Continue reading


Palestinian UN Recognition Bid Wins Support From Switzerland, Denmark

Stephanie Nebehay and Noah Browning

GENEVA/RAMALLAH, West Bank, Nov 28 (Reuters) – Switzerland and Denmark on Wednesday joined a growing list of European countries that back an upgrade for Palestinians to non-member status at the United Nations, a victory that would be a diplomatic… Continue reading


Manipulating History: The Different Faces of ‘Popular Resistance’ in Palestine

Ramzy Baroud

Apparently, ‘popular resistance’ has suddenly elevated to become a clash of visions or strategies between the Palestinian Authority in Ramallah and its rivals in Gaza, underscoring an existing and deepening rift between various factions and leaderships.

Addressing a Palestine Liberation… Continue reading


A Deadly Déjà Vu

 Clive Hambidge

 Operation Pillar of Cloud

“Now we can sense the sweet scent and the soulful breeze of the spring, a spring that has just begun and doesn’t belong to a specific race, ethnicity, nation or region, a spring that will soon reach all… Continue reading


Israel’s Plans for a New Arab World

Dr Faysal Mikdadi

Israel’s aim has always been dividing the Arab World, weakening Arab states, creating a powerful Israeli hegemony in the Middle East whilst expanding its own territories. It is helped by the unconditional support of the United States as well as by misguided Christians… Continue reading


Integrated Education in Israel and Palestine

Dr Faysal Mikdadi

Abstract: This paper outlines the current situation with the provision of integrated education in Israel and Palestine. It shows that provision is in its incipient stage with some signal success in the very few Israeli schools embracing it. It also shows that


On Israel’s State Identity

Basheer Al Zoughbi


One of the most fundamental conceptual premises was centered on how to define the identity of the new state. Theodor Herzl provided in ‘The Jewish State’ booklet that the proposed state will be for the Jewish people and in any event Herzel’s Jewish… Continue reading


The Massive Palestinian Hunger Strike: Traveling below the Western Radar

Richard Falk

Can anyone doubt that if there were more than 1300 hunger strikers in any country in the world other than Palestine, the media in the West would be obsessed with the story?  It would be featured day after day, and reported on… Continue reading


One state solution featured on NPR and in Carter ‘IHT’ Op-Ed

Adam Horowitz

As the possibility of a two-state solution fades into the horizon (cue the flatline), the discussion of alternatives continues to expand. Building off last month’s One State conference at Harvard, NPR‘s Morning Edition featured a story… Continue reading


‘I’ve Been Duped’

Reflections on Israel and Palestine

Rick Steeves

April 09, 2012 “Huffington Post