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And the land cried tears of blood

Soraya Boyd


Heaving with revulsion, the defiled and mutilated land suppurates

Bloodied tears borne out of grief inconceivable only inaudible sighs each pang separates


And the mournful stones cry out in great desperation


A vicious war-faring theatre… Continue reading


  When a Mother dies – For all Mothers

 Clive Hambidge

 “The ultimate existential issue is, of course, death-and, like all other philosophical and existential questions, the matter of death avoided as much as possible.”

(Fritjof Capra)

 When a mother approaches death in a small hospital, and… Continue reading



For Immediate Release: March 26, 2013

Witness Against Torture (

Contact: Jeremy Varon, 732-979-3119,; Christopher Knestrick, 216-496-2637,

On Sunday, March 24 human rights activists throughout the United States began a seven day fast… Continue reading


Framing the Boundaries of the American Perception of Terrorism and the Entrance of Islam in the Image

Dr Rachael M. Rudolph

The anti-Islam film has sparked outrage around the world, leading from nonviolent to violent protest.  Condemnation from state to non-state actors can be heard over the film.  Anger in some places has… Continue reading


On Questioning the Jewish State

Joseph LevineI was raised in a religious Jewish environment, and though we were not strongly Zionist, I always took it to be self-evident that “Israel has a right to exist.” Now anyone who has debated the Israeli-Palestinian conflict will have encountered this… Continue reading


The Race to End Violence Before We End Life

Robert J. Burrowes

Can we take meaningful action to prevent our own extinction without ending human violence first?

The scientific evidence that human extinction will now occur before 2050
continues to rapidly accumulate. (See, for example, ‘Global Extinction
within one Human Lifetime as… Continue reading


Facilitate Global supports the forthcoming

A Day In Iraq Conference

Organized by “Tadhamun” تضامن (Iraqi Women Solidarity)

5 April 2013 (2:00 – 9:00 PM) at Bolivar Hall, 54-56 Grafton Way, London WT1 5LD

Ten years on the invasion and occupation of Iraq in 2003, Iraqis are still suffering… Continue reading


FG is glad to be supporting Gaza Ark

February 2013

Dear friends,

Gaza’s Ark is a project
<>that will rebuild
a boat in Gaza, with Palestinian hands, which will carry Palestinian products out to the world. The main goal of Gaza’s Ark, with the support of people like you, is… Continue reading


Our CEO says

” A not to be missed event.

you really will be glad to be there ”

Personal Journeys:

The global impact of Israel’s dissenting voices



Interview with Dance Movement Psychotherapist (DMP) Claire M. Perriam

What brought you to Dance Movement Psychotherapy work?

My work as a DMP began after a lengthy career as a dancer and choreographer in the commercial and private sector. This work was fulfilling and exciting but I was ready for new challenges and wanted… Continue reading


The American Manifest Destiny

Clive Hambidge

Killing from afar

Americans and their European poodles coiffeured red white and blue in American power salons  are unlawfully targeting, and killing from afar, suspected militants  innocent bystanders, and helpers, labelled “collateral damage,” whilst avoiding more politically toxic body bags containing … Continue reading


The Twinning

Clive Hambidge

Palestinian Children in Israeli military detention


Here in South Tottenham (London), attending a Twinning Conference organised excellently and robustly by Haringey Justice for Palestinians[1], a creative branch of the Palestine Solidarity Campaign, I am just recovering from the… Continue reading


In valiant fortitude

Soraya Boyd



Unlawfully pincered between harsh collective punishment and base military aggression

The tear bedabbled faces of innocent children in constant lacrimation

Afforded no respite cling desperately to their progenitor for safety and protection



Incessantly tossed and… Continue reading


The belligerent occupier

Soraya Boyd


With breathtaking magnitude, resolute in forefending responsibility for war crimes and crimes against humanity

A darkly glib inhabits the psychic scape of a ruinously polished occupier seeking pseudo security


Justifying the indefensible to effect incessant brutal dispossession and perpetrate vile… Continue reading


Remember All the Children, Mr. President

Bill Quigley

Remember the 20 children who died in Newtown, Connecticut.

Remember the 35 children who died in Newtown Gaza this month from Israeli bombardments.

Remember the 168 children who have been killed by US drone attacks in Pakistan since 2006.

Remember… Continue reading