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The wreckage of a soul

The wreckage of a soul

Soraya Boyd

Drifting in the fevered winter of a desolate mind
The captive pursuit of status and power a daily grind
In such a space the stilled bells of conscience no longer toll
For travailing arduously against sense and dignity many lose their soul

The lure of… Continue reading


Protecting the Children of Gaza
Clive Hambidge

Military Power, according to Gianfranco Poggi’s Forms of Power explains with his usual clarity that he found it “difficult to define political power otherwise than with reference to organized violence; it is the command over this resource that allows one group, for example to ‘run things’ over… Continue reading


The Drift Of Hugo Rifkind

Soraya Boyd & Clive Hambidge

Poor Hugo Rifkind has been drifting lately. He has said so much in an article for the Times (Tuesday 12 August 2014, Opinion, page 27). But do you get his drift? Does anyone get his drfit? What on earth is he drifting on… Continue reading


Human Rights in Our Name
Clive Hambidge

Under international law all parties involved in a conflict, must whether state or non state armed actors, respect international humanitarian law. The aim of which is to regulate conduct during hostilities and respect for human rights law. … Continue reading

The Military Industrial Complexity

The Military Industrial Complexity
Clive Hambidge

(Part 1)

“Congress shall make no law … abridging … the right of the people peaceably … to petition the Government for a redress of grievances.”

It is a pernicious fact that “Pentagon contracts awarded in the 2000s have been concentrated in the hands of just… Continue reading


Questions of Power and Slavery

Clive Hambidge

“If it’s a neurotic superpower you’re looking for, then America’s your one”
Robert Kagen

“In questions of power, let no more be heard of confidence in man, but bind him down from mischief by the chains of the Constitution.” . All governments encroach, creep into… Continue reading

Iyad Rabi

     Appointed Facilitate Global Head of Human Rights and International Humanitarian Law,  Iyad Rabi is a well known Palestinian Advocate and international human rights activist, legal adviser and  lecturer.

In his capacity as  Human Rights andInternational Humanitarian Law Consultant  Iyad delivers training to regional and international


 Facilitate Global supports the StopG4S campain.

G4S Israel: Intentional Complicity in Acts of Injustice for Profit?

Rachael M. Rudolph

Is it willful disregard for human rights and disrespect for humanity or the intentional complicity in acts of injustice for profit? Many within the global activist community would argue that it is… Continue reading


Integrated Education in Northern Ireland

 Faysal Mikdadi

“Integrated Education is about mutual and common acceptance, especially the acceptance of trying new ideas for the benefit of the central purpose of education: the individual child.”

Cliodhna Scott-Wills: Development Officer for Northern Ireland Council for Integrated Education (NICIE)

“WHEREAS Member States have pledged… Continue reading


#opGTMO: Justice for Guantanamo and the President of the United States’ Speech

Rachael M. Rudolph

The following is an articulation of my understanding of the points made by the President of the United States regarding an issue near and dear to our hearts, which… Continue reading


 The UN, Integrated Systems & American Intransigence To Accountability

Clive Hambidge.

Part One

Integrated Systems


‘Personal Journeys: The Global Impact of Israel’s Dissenting Voices’

Notes taken by Susan Walpole – Facilitate Global Fundraising Dinner, London, 10 April 2013

These notes are of two brief talks by Miko Peled and Ilan Pappe, followed by a Question and Answer (Q & A) session. Views expressed are… Continue reading



(Of a Spanish Civil War Atrocity)

Kevin Russell-Pavier


Back then, there was just an ordinary woman,

Standing in the crowd; just a single mother

Cradling the ragged bundle of her baby… Continue reading


In solidarity with all hunger strikers

Gauntanamo Bay detention centre is an illegal black hole in which too many civilians have been lingering in limbo. They have been subjected to indefinite


Taste Gaza: Laila El-Haddad and Maggie Schmitt Prepare a Dagga Salad

Posted on March 31, 2013 by dandelionsalad

Dandelion Salad