Muhammad Khan, Esq.

Muhammad Khan joined Facilitate Global (FG) in 2009 as their Senior Legal Counsel, where he advises on legal, educational, immigration and human rights matters. Muhammad has a great passion for life, and standing/speaking for those who can’t stand/speak for themselves. In his professional and voluntary roles, Muhammad continues to work to help make a difference in the lives of others, irrespective of their origin, identity and beliefs. Amongst other things here are some of the reasons that bring Muhammad to FG. It seeks to promote dialogue through various initiatives in a changing world that has been conflict ridden for far too long.

Muhammad works for a leading investment bank as their Senior Legal Counsel and Member Advisory Board. He is responsible for post acquisition and execution, legal and non legal issues with a special focus on cross border transactions. Previously, he has worked for leading financial institutions and legal firms such as JP Morgan & Clifford Chance.

He is a member of and serves on the Advisory Board & Executive Committees of various leading professional legal and non-legal bodies in the UK and abroad. Muhammad holds degrees in Commerce, Business, Finance, and Law. Squash and Politics are among some of his interests

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