AL-Maqdese Legal study on Silwan village

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AL-Maqdese is delighted to announce the release of the legal study entitled ‘ House Demolitions in Silwan, The Judaization on East Jerusalem’. Researched and written in Late 2010, the study highlights the illegal home demolition policy in this part of the city as Israel uses archaeology as a political weapon in order to justify the demolition of the entire Al – Bustan neighbourhood of Silwan to make way for a Jewish national park. Comprising on the ground research and interviews with both the local population, by telling their personal stories , archaeologists and professional opinions , the study covers the situation in Silwan from a personal , ethical and legal perspective, giving detailed analysis of the international legal ramifications that accompany the large scale demolition of private homes in order to perpetuate a nationalistic re-write of the history of Jerusalem.

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Source:, Saturday Feb.04,2012

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